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Digital Training GroupWe live in exciting times, it seems that with every new season there is a new strand of digital marketing paraded as the ultimate brand building revenue generator.  Of course, with great power comes great responsibility and even more jargon and strategies to learn and understand.

As digital marketers we all love this power at our fingertips and businesses can only benefit from it. However, in the fast paced world of digital marketing there will be knowledge gaps. 

In an ideal world all businesses will have teams of experts available to exploit and master each new discipline as it becomes available, always keeping ahead of the curve. What do those businesses that don’t have this resource available do, to make sure they don’t fall behind?

The Digital Training Group are here to bridge that knowledge gap, providing affordable courses to businesses of all sizes.

All businesses understand that it is better to train their teams, increasing their knowledge, in order that they can retain their competitive edge, without the need to expand their internal resources.

We offer a broad range of digital training courses, all designed to clear the muddy waters of the world of digital marketing. Business size or maturity is no barrier, our courses are designed to help you make an immediate impact on your digital marketing strategy.

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London – 30th October 2013 | The Email Marketing Lifecycle

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