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London – 30th October 2013  |  The Email Marketing Lifecycle

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Digital Training Group Email Marketing CoursesEmail marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Sadly it is often seen as unglamorous and has been sidelined by it sexier cousins in the digital marketing mix. In its early days email was the workhorse of the growing digital disciplines, perhaps too modest, rarely shouting from the rooftops, but always proving its worth. Then along came the upstarts from the social side of the tracks.

The new gang in town took all the glory and showered their fans with infographics and unfathomable job titles. But email was still powering every business’s revenue generators. It took some time, but eventually the old guard of brand building email marketing and the ever growing factions of new digital disciplines began to work alongside each other.

Email Marketing has a demonstrably high Return on Investment, making email a very powerful tool for direct sales. How many times have you seen articles with headlines proclaiming that email is dead? It is of course very much alive and kicking. Social Media may get the attention in the public forum, but it is email that works its magic in the privacy of your customer’s inbox.

The simplicity of email marketing belies its strength. A simple, robust email programme will generate a major ROI for your business. Budget restraints and moving goalposts often mean a lack of resource is available for email within the marketing team, leading to missed opportunities and only basic email programmes being implemented.

The Digital Training Group aim to change this, with our Email Marketing courses.

Learn to develop powerful email marketing programmes, from simple fundamental building blocks, through to complex, robust and measurable strategies.

Our Email Marketing courses will ensure that you make a big impact on your business’s digital marketing.

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